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OBP's mission is to strengthen, support, and promote the economic vitality of Oberlin businesses and the community.  We direct our resources and activities to being a catalyst for business growth, a convenier of leaders and influencers, and a champion for a strong community.

Becoming an OBP member will position your business for growth and IMPROVE your organization's value, visibility, and credibility; SAVE on products and services; SAVE on marketing and promotions; GAIN an advocate; Connect, Grow, and Thrive; and Support the community.


You deserve recognition for making our community a prosperous place.  As a community benefactor, we know you want to help the region attract and retain talent, build a robust workforce, and drive a growing economy.

  • Stakeholders receive the services and benefits of Leader, Executive, Classic, and Connector tiers, plus the benefits below:
  • Gift an OBP membership to a charity, minority or veteran-owned startup of your choice - includes public presentation.
  • Share your business story, activities and events in OBP's newsletters.
  • Be recognized at OBP Leadership Programs.
  • Complimentary tickets for 2 people at selected programs.
  • List up to 5 additional business profiles and an unlimited number of regional branches in the OBP Business Directory.


Work with the other influencers in our community. Watch as your team gets stronger as they are better informed.  Enjoy being among influential leaders who are shaping our community and region. 

  • Leaders receive the benefits of Executive, Classic, and Connector categories, plus the benefits below.
  • Additional businesses or branches, up to three, listed in the OBP Business Directory
  • Pair of complimentary tickets to leadership programs.


You can work with the other influencers in our community.  Enjoy being among influential leaders who are shaping our community and region. 

  • Executive members receive the benefits of Classic and Connector categories plus the benefits below.
  • A complimentary reserved seat at a leadership program.
  • Increase your company visibility with listings in up to 2 additional business categories on the OBP website.
  • Post jobs and business-to-business deals on
  • Highlight your business at OBP events and with a listing on the annual leadership banner at events.


 As a busy small business owner, it's hard to balance all the demands of your time and attention.  That's why OBP is committed to providing you services to grow your visibility, make you famous in the community, and give you better connections that will save you time and money.  Gain visibility without trading your time. 
  • Classic members receive the services and benefits of the Connector category, plus the benewfits below.  (The Classic tier is for small brick and mortar businesses.)
  • Grand Opening celebrations and Ribbon cutting services to celebrate a new business and business growth.
  • Discounted promotional packages - print, social media, video..
  • Demonstrate community commitment with a virtual membership badge & window sticker. 
  • Extend your marketing reach by advertising in the Oberlin Visitor Guide and business directory.
  • Participate in OBP Shop Local and Shop Small programs and events.


At OBP, we believe you deserve to find a room full of people just like you who can share your story and become an army of salespeople for you.  We understand how hard it is to get connected with the right people who can help you grow your business. (The Connector membership is primarily for home-based businesses, independent sales, free-lancers, contracted services, young professionals. The Charitable Membership is for small nonprofit organizations.
  • Access cost-savings on business services, healthcare, workers comp management, and more!
  • Improve your Google rankings with Search-Engine-Optimized (SEO) business listing on
  • Participate in the Oberlin Gift Certificate program that keeps money circulatingin Oberlin businesses and the community -- over $53,000 in the last three years!
  • Receive invitations to networking, connecting, and learning events.
  • Gain access to the OBP Newsletter for business and community updates.
  • Members-only pricing at selected events.
  • Invitation to OBP Member Orientation to learn how to access membership benefits and resources.


We are working every day to support local small businesses and to create activities that showcase our community and make you proud to live here. By becoming an OBP Community Supporter, you will be kept informed through our monthly newsletter, targeted emails, and social media posts. Help OBP strengthen, support, and promote the economic vitality of Oberlin businesses and the community by becoming a community supporter and participating in community events.  This membership is for invidivuals and families.


  2.  Schedule an orientation with an OBP Staff person - 440-774-6262.
  3. Attend your first event and meet other people like you.
  4. Get the connections you need to feel capable and well-informed.
  5. Build relationships with other business owners who often become life-long friends.
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